An O’s Thanksgiving and other MLB news

Your favorite Orioles news roundup is back! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. There’s plenty to get you up to speed before you head to the front lines of Black Friday shopping, so let’s not waste time and get started right away!

Orioles News 11/25/22 – Thanksgiving from An O and other MLB news

An Orioles Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the holiday, which is undoubtedly my favorite, Birds Watcher spent some time in the kitchen preparing the most delicious, well-balanced, figurative Thanksgiving meal using your favorite Baltimore orioles. Who is the turkey the rest of the meal is about? Who is the polarizing casserole? Find out here!

More coverage outside the tender period

The Orioles didn’t have any nagging decisions to make ahead of last week’s no-tender deadline. All six players eligible for arbitration made valuable contributions to the 2022 team and had the opportunity to match or exceed the value of their 2023 salary. However, there was some speculation as to whether or not the two Austins, Hays and Voth, would be offered contracts.

Hays had a .779 OPS for the first half of the season but struggled a lot from that point on (.626 OPS). Voth has been doing well after being claimed on waivers by the Nationals, but the front office seems interested in continuing the start of pitching for free agents and it remains to be seen if the rotation has a place for Voth in it.

Ultimately, the Orioles decided to keep all six players, including the Austins. More information on the no-call period can be found here.

Angels keep turning and acting

The Los Angeles Angels are out here wrapping up the offseason (so much determination, though).

The Halos added the heavy-hitting Renfroe, having already acquired infielder Gio Urshela and signed free agent pitcher Tyler Anderson to a three-year deal. It remains to be seen if the Angels will attempt to renew Renfroe, who hit 29 homers last year and is expected to make over $11 million in his final year at arbitration, but the Angels are clearly making every effort to convince Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, that the club can keep up in the short term.


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