Best New Tracks: Stormzy, NBA YoungBoy, Lil Baby

As music week draws to a close, HYPEBEAST rounded up the best projects for the latest issue of The best new titles.

This week’s lineup is led by Stormzy, NBA YoungBoy and Lil Baby x Nardo Wick, who both released the album That’s what I mean and the music videos for “Hi Haters” and “Pop Out,” respectively. Joining this selection are offerings from serpentwithfeet, Emotional Oranges, Duke Deuce, Nick Hakim and MFnMelo.

Stormzy – That’s what I mean

After a three-year hiatus, Stormzy is making an exciting return That’s what I mean. The 12-track project has been billed as “an intimate love letter to music” as it shares its “vulnerabilities, regrets, weaknesses, healing, joy and triumph in a way and to a degree that imaginable.” of what rap artists could traditionally do, do and be redefined.”

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YoungBoy will never be broke again – “Hello Hater”

NBA YoungBoy waves to his opponents in his new single, “Hi Haters.” Directed by Isaac Garcia, the visual shows the Baton Rouge rapper enjoying his wealth while spending time with his family and letting everyone know he’s doing just fine, despite what others may say about him.

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Lil Baby x Nardo Wick – “Pop Out”

Lil Baby picks up on his #1 album It’s Only Me with an accompanying music video for “Pop Out,” starring Florida-born rapper Nardo Wick.

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Duke Deuce – “Anna”

Memphis star Duke Deuce has released a visual for “Anna” taken from his latest mixtape, Memphis Massacre III. The simple but effective music video shows the rapper in a sea of ​​people, dressed in red against a black background.

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Snake with Feet – “The Hands”

A24 Music delivers “The Hands” by serpentwithfeet, a special bonus track from the latest A24 film, The inspection. Produced by Sensei Bueno, the edit features input from Animal Collective and vocals from StemsMusic Choir, and is described as a “devotional song” by serpentwithfeet, adding, “By the end of the film, Ellis French has a strong sense of self, but it doesn’t have his sensibilities or his.” lose optimism. I wanted to reflect that lyrically and musically.”

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MFnMelo – “Flowers to go”


MFnMelo shows his feelings in his latest single “Flowers To Go”. The track will be released ahead of Pivot Gang’s John Walt Day which takes place on November 26th with performances from MFnMelo, Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Frsh Waters and daedaePIVOT.

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Emotional Oranges – “On My Way”

Emotional Oranges are gearing up for the December 9th release of The Juice Vol III with their latest single “On My Way”. The R&B duo endured a “tough breakup” and created the track in Greece: “This record grew out of experimenting with new sounds and a couple of late nights in Mykonos. Since we worked on The Juice: Vol I, I really haven’t been this excited about creating fresh textures and grooves.” The statement continues, “Conceptually, we always thought it would be cool to flip our perspectives and essentially to write the response track to ‘Just Like You’. Big thanks to my boy Robbie Gardunio for helping to look through both the production and (a very complicated) mix with us – it’s the first of a whole bunch of ideas we came up with together!”

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Nick Hakim – “Happened”

Nick Hakim serenades the folks at Les Pianos in Montreuil, France for an alternate version of “Happen” on The A Take Away Show. The cut is from his latest project, COMETA, which was released in October.

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