Black Friday do’s and don’ts

(WNDU) – It’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. But does that mean getting up early Friday morning to shop for bargains? While Black Friday is a big day for retailers, you might not save as much money as you would with deals from previous years by hitting the stores in person.

That’s why one shopping expert says you might just want to stay home this year.

“Black Friday has really changed in the past few years. It’s away from an event where you have to camp, stand in long lines to get some of those doorbuster deals, and there really wasn’t much online. Until now, you can get many of these same Black Friday deals online that you can find in stores. And much better online,” explains Kyle James, founder of

Whether in person or online, these sales can be a way to get shoppers through a retailer’s door or website.

“For some of these really good deals, they have a very limited supply. So retailers are trying to grab your attention. Knowing this, you might not get this deal because it’s sold out, but you might end up buying something else. Maybe some other stuff at full price,” says James.

It’s important to keep in mind that if a deal seems too good to be true, it just might be — especially when it comes to TVs.

“A lot of them are made specifically for Black Friday. Not only are these brands you’ve probably never heard of, they’re the really cheap ones, they might not have the specs you need either,” explains James.

“I’ve seen some of these HDTVs that have one or two HDMI ports, they’re not smart TVs. They don’t have the connections that you might need…they aren’t of the highest quality.”

But if waiting early for door breaker deals isn’t your scene, don’t worry, you might be able to find the same deals on eBay. That’s because some Black Friday shoppers are taking their purchases with them and reselling them online.

They’re kind of a wannabe entrepreneur looking to make a quick profit,” says James.

That means you could basically buy the Black Friday ads from the comfort of your own home a few days later.

“In many cases, you’ll find the products and pay just a little bit more than if you got up really early and went to a Walmart or Best Buy and tried to snag those very limited doorbreaker deals,” he adds.

But could the shift to online shopping mean the end of brick-and-mortar sales on one of the busiest shopping days of the year?

“I think with inflation and the supply chain, a lot of these retailers are going to keep pushing these Black Friday deals and these Doorbuster deals because they know they’re kind of luring you in and if you don’t get those, they will. Count on buying other stuff that may not be discounted as much. So I don’t really see it going away, I see it expanding throughout the month of November,” explains Kyle James.

If you decide to go shopping on Friday morning, doing some research beforehand can save you some time and money. Make sure you have a list and know what you’re looking for before the stores open their doors.


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