‘Celtics get Anthony Davis, Lakers get Robert Williams’ – NBA analyst claims Lakers Anthony Davis will act immediately for maximum benefits

Anthony Davis has played some of the best basketball games of his career in the past four games. Though the Lakers’ three-game winning streak was cut short by the Phoenix Suns 115-105 Tuesday night, the loss didn’t stop Davis from playing another monster game. The all-star power forward had 37 points, 21 rebounds, five steals and five blocks.

Since the team was at 5-11 this season, there was constant media discussion about how this team could be improved.

Should they ditch their future draft picks and go all out to make another championship run, or should they tear it all down and start over? That’s going to be difficult because LeBron James’ contract doesn’t allow him to be traded this season. So the only other top option would be to trade with Davis and see what assets could be raised for him.

FS1’s Colin Cowherd suggested the Lakers should trade Davis. Cowherd thinks Team Davis could sell high. He believes Davis has peaked at 24 and the Lakers are in no position to win a championship.

“That’s exactly when you trade him in,” Cowherd said. “Celtics get Anthony Davis, Lakers get Robert Williams.”

The flaw in Cowherd’s thinking is that this is too early in the season to make any hasty moves. Davis now plays like the player the organization believed had acquired and could one day take the reins from LeBron James. The Lakers haven’t even seen this version of Davis and LeBron on the court together.

“That’s exactly when you trade it.” @ColinCowherd explains why right now is the perfect storm for the Lakers to move Anthony Davis https://t.co/4U8sfdt6bd

Cowherd then threw out a trade scenario in which the Lakers would get Robert Williams from the Boston Celtics in exchange for Davis. This would be the worst trade in NBA history and the Lakers would not consider it. Boston would have to trade Williams, a few draft picks, and maybe someone like Jaylen Brown. The trading deadline doesn’t end until February 9, so the Lakers might want to take their time with this idea.

Anthony Davis on historic run

Anthony Davis is one of the greatest four-game runs in NBA history. He’s the first player in 47 years to score 30+ points and 15+ rebounds while being 60% off the field. The only other players to achieve this feat were Wilt Chamberlain and Bob McAdoo. With LeBron injured, Davis has stood his ground as the #1 option.

Anthony Davis on last 4 games: 37 PTS, 21 REB, 5 BLK, 64% FG30 PTS, 18 REB, 3 STL, 63% FG38 PTS, 16 REB, 4 BLK, 62% FG37 PTS, 18 REB, 2 AST, 60% FGIncredible numbers. 🔥 https://t.co/vLFiwLz0H5

Once James is healthy, the Lakers will really see what they have. Perhaps these recent performances from Davis will allow the Lakers coaching staff to lean more on him even with James back in the lineup.

The Lakers will be back in action on Friday and Saturday when they face the San Antonio Spurs on back-to-back nights.

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