Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business celebrates 20th anniversary

BEIJING, November 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, Asia leading business school, celebrates its 20th anniversary by publishing a book about its achievements entitled “20 Years of Innovation”. CKGSB was founded in Beijing on November 21, 2002how of China First privately funded and research-driven business school with a mission to educate transformative business leaders with a global vision, social responsibility, innovative mindset and the ability to lead with empathy and compassion.

The Founding Dean and Professor of China Business and Globalization, Xiang BingCelebrated the school’s anniversary by saying, “Now more than ever we need globally minded and socially responsible business leaders who can compete with compassion and empathy. At CKGSB, we have driven this agenda and will continue to do so. “

Over the past two decades, CKGSB has become the preferred choice for management education among established business leaders and a new generation of economic disruptors China and other regions. Its success is primarily due to its world-class faculty and its unrivaled China insights. CKGSB has more than 40 full-time professors, many of whom have held tenured positions at leading global universities. Her research has provided the basis for over 500 case studies China-specific and global business.

The school’s position as a leading business school in Asia is further solidified by its unique pedagogical approach. CKGSB led the top-down approach, targeting C-suite executives. More than half of CKGSB’s 18,000 alumni are at CEO or board level, and together lead a fifth of them of China most valuable brands. The school is one of the premier business schools in Asia Build an ecosystem focused on developing unicorn and future unicorn businesses China. With a successful track record of designing more than 100 unicorns in Chinaincluding 38 companies listed on CB Insights (2017-2022), CKGSB has expanded its initiatives to Europe and other markets in collaboration with partners such as Berkeley Engineering, IMD, UNESCO and Dubai Executive Council (DEC).

CKGSB was the first business school in China In 2005, incorporated humanities into its core business curriculum to provide students with a more holistic view of business. CKGSB also created the EMBA Philanthropy Scholarship in 2002, which is now awarded to outstanding figures from civil society and NGOs across all of our degree programs.

The school is based in Beijingwith campus in shanghai and Shenzhenand representative offices in new York, London and Hong Kong.

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SOURCE Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB)


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