Chris Hemsworth on why the Star Trek 4 movie didn’t happen to Kirk & Father

Chris Hemsworth ponders the idea of ​​reuniting Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk with his father Star Trek 4 and explains why the film didn’t materialize. After more than four decades star trek movies and TV shows, director JJ Abrams released his own big-budget version of the franchise in 2009. The film opens with a sequence of Kirk’s father George, played by Hemsworth, sacrificing himself to ensure his pregnant wife’s survival. Hemsworth did not reprise his role for either of them star trek sequels, but writers Patrick McKay and JD Payne revealed earlier this year that their pitch for had failed Star Trek 4 Kirk and George embarked on an adventure across the galaxy after being reunited by a cosmic event.


In a recent interview with Josh Horowitz as part of the Happy sad confused Podcast, Hemsworth opens up about his reservations about the father-and-son pitch execution Star Trek 4. While the actor doesn’t offer any additional information about the scrapped storyline, the actor reveals that he was open to improving and revising the idea, but that ultimately the planning prevented things from taking off. Check out Hemsworth’s full comment below on why Star Trek 4 did not happen:

A few reasons but it wasn’t what I imagined or could have been. And I was like, ‘Oh cool, let’s figure this out and move on’ and then I think everybody was just busy and stuff like that. It would be a little strange now to look back at your father and ask, ‘Why is he so much older than when he died?’

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What Star Trek 4 could be about

Chris Pine stands on the bridge of the Enterprise with his crew in Star Trek Beyond.

Although Payne and McKay’s Star Trek 4 While the Kirk and George idea seems pretty much dead for good, interest remains in bringing together original cast members like Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldaña, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg and John Cho for a fourth film in the franchise. Momentum seemed to be building as of Star Trek 4 Earlier this year, but the film was recently pulled from Paramount’s release calendar after director Matt Shakman left to direct Marvel’s Fantastic Four. Many cast members have expressed an interest in returning star trek 4, but there are still no details as to what the film might actually be about.

The three that exist star trek Movies set in the Kelvin timeline have featured villains like the Romulan Nero (Eric Bana) and Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch), but there are many enemies from the original series that could appear in them Star Trek 4. The Borg, for example, are a group of cyborgs who frequently served as antagonists on the show and could become exciting villains in the next installment of Kelvin Timeline. Similarly, certain episode storylines could also be included Star Trek 4including the fan favorite The Doomsday Machine, which starred Kirk and the company encounter a large mechanical space monster bent on destruction.

It is unclear whether Star Trek 4 will ever come to fruition, but most of the central cast seem open to returning should schedules allow. It doesn’t look like fans will be seeing Kirk and George again any time soon, but thankfully there’s no shortage of ideas to adapt from Star Trek: The Original Series, including the show’s many villains. Since interest in the project from actors and fans in general is quite high, there is reason to be optimistic Star Trek 4 will eventually happen.

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