Completed official campaigning for the 2022 general election


Date: November 23, 2022
Information contact: Jason Hancock, Deputy Secretary of State
Phone:(208) 332-2852

Completed official campaigning for the 2022 general election

Boise, Idaho- Idaho Secretary of State Lawerence Denney, along with the other members of the Idaho State Board of Acquirers, Idaho State Controller Brandon Woolf and Idaho State Treasurer Julie Ellsworth, conducted and certified official state campaign advertising for the 2022 general election. Voting is the official accounting of every ballot cast to ensure every valid vote is counted correctly.
“State and county election officials and workers are to be commended for their dedication and objectivity in conducting another successful election in Idaho,” said Secretary Denney. “Other states could learn a lot about clean, fair, and accurate elections by looking to Idaho.”

The statement of ballot certified by the Board today shows that 595,602 Idahoans voted in the 2022 general election — a turnout of 56.8% of Idaho’s 1,048,263 registered voters. Voters cast 190,258 early or absentee ballots, representing 31.9% of all ballots cast. Counties with the highest turnout, measured as a percentage of registered voters, were Camas (69.0%), Boundary (67.4%), Adams (67.1%), and Idaho (66.3%). Official election results, including district-by-district and historical data, will be available shortly on the Elections Division page of



Lawerence Denney has been serving the people of Idaho since 1990. His public service began as a Representative in District 13 and became a Representative in District 9 after redistribution by 2014. During that time, Denney served two terms as Majority Leader and three terms as Speaker of the House of Representatives before he successfully ran for state office. He will soon retire at the end of his second term as Idaho Secretary of State.


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