‘Curry finally has help’: The NBA world breathes a sigh of relief as the Warriors All-Star displays the epitome of testing luck against Clippers

The Golden State Warriors met the Los Angeles Clippers for the first time this season. The Clippers and Warriors are expected to be the top contenders in the west and this is the first time fans will be able to see the matchup. And it seems NBA fans are finally relieved that Stephen Curry has finally received help from his All-Star teammate.


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Perhaps the main criticism of the Warriors so far has been the lack of help for Curry. The baby-face assassin is undoubtedly on the ball, but the Warriors still don’t have an overwhelming record. They have only one win away from home and have struggled defensively all year. But against the Clippers, Curry finally got some help from Andrew Wiggins.


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The Golden State Warriors are back at full strength after their stars returned to the starting lineup. Draymond Green, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson sat out the last game against the New Orleans Pelicans and the Warriors were blown out of the building: The Clippers, meanwhile, were without their stars Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.


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Andrew Wiggins had a solid season and he had a great game against the Los Angeles Clippers. He scored 31 points on 12-18 shots from the field and 6-10 from three-point range.

NBA fans are relieved Stephen Curry is getting help

NBA fans were finally relieved to see someone other than Stephen Curry perform. They gushed that Wiggins had a great game as the Warriors beat the Clippers 124-107.

Here are some of the reactions from NBA Twitter:


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Warriors push past Clippers

The Warriors made short work of the Clippers, who were missing their two biggest stars. They kept it close in the first quarter, but once the Warriors built a lead, they didn’t look back. Wiggins helped the Warriors build a massive lead and he got timely help from his teammates. The Warriors continued to increase their lead, and at one point it was 29.

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Stephen Curry finished with 22 points and 9 assists. Klay Thompson had 18 points while Draymond Green had 9 points, 12 assists and 7 rebounds. Marcus Morris led the Clippers’ standings with 19 points, while Norman Powell and Terrance Mann finished with 17 points each.

Do you think the Warriors will make the playoffs despite their current 9-10 record? Let us know in the comments below.


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