Editor’s Letter: Family, mission and you – the journalists at MLive count our blessings this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers, and let me tell you how grateful I am for letting us into your home and your life.

It’s my privilege to speak to you every week about this column, but I never lose sight of the fact that I’m simply a representative of the journalists who work for MLive on your behalf every day.

My goal is to highlight the work of our talented journalists and show the passion that drives them. The media has changed remarkably in the 40 years I’ve been at it, but the mission-driven dedication of curious, principled journalists remains the same.

Your contributions and sacrifices strike me as more meaningful than ever this year as we emerge from COVID and return to our newsrooms to reconnect, recharge and catch up: there are new babies to celebrate, new staff to welcome, new ones To tackle challenges in our ever-changing industry.

To celebrate this Thanksgiving, I submit this column of gratitude to the staff at MLive. You may see these blessings in your life or family, and you may have a deeper appreciation for the people who work for you every day.

Lee Thompson, sportswriter, The Bay City Times: Being a father is my greatest blessing. Being a sportswriter is a close second. Grateful for being able to do what I love and for finding my niche in my community. What we do in this industry is important and I am grateful to everyone who works alongside me in this industry.

Danielle Salisbury, Senior Reporter, National Reporting Team: I’m thankful for a spouse who can handle my many crazy mistakes and my three crazy kids. I’m also thankful for a challenging and meaningful job, a hardworking team of smart and capable people and managers who always have my back and who believe this mission is important no matter how messy it is.

Andrew Kahn, University of Michigan sportswriter: I’m thankful for my wife and two young daughters, one of whom recently described my job as “an artist who can read.” Take notes with pen and paper and you can also call yourself an artist.

Ryan Stanton, reporter, The Ann Arbor News: I’m grateful that after all these years I can still tell the story of my community, have an 11-year-old dog that still drags me on epic long hikes, a fridge full of vegan pumpkin pie for a week, and mostly thankful just to be.

Caitlyn French, reporter, The Bay City Times: I’m thankful for all the animals I got to work with in the rescue this year, including my precious baby squirrels. I am also grateful for all of the natural beauty our state has to offer.

Neil Blake, Photographer/Videographer: I am so thankful for my boys – 4, 2 and almost 3 months. If you’re looking for us this winter, find us at the YMCA down the street and taking full advantage of the kids’ pool. They love it there and I’m grateful to have the resource so close.

Sara Scott, Head of State News: I’m thankful for my daughter, whom I picked up from Alma College yesterday – and at 20 still willing to decorate our Christmas tree with me. I’m also very grateful for this career that has challenged me and helped me grow in ways I didn’t know was possible.

Sam Dodge, reporter, The Ann Arbor News: I am thankful for my 3 month old son James and for being able to spend the first 8 weeks of his life pretty much exclusively with him and Jessica. Very special time.

John Counts, News Anchor, The Ann Arbor News and Jackson Citizen Patriot: I’m thankful for my smart daughters (who are now old enough to watch PBS crime shows with me! Yay!), my wife, and my two dogs. But I’m also grateful to work with such smart, funny and dedicated reporters and photographers who bring the fire every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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John Hiner is the Vice President of Content for the MLive Media Group. If you have questions you want him to answer or topics you’d like to explore, share your thoughts [email protected].


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