Everything Nick Saban Said at Auburn Game Week Wednesday

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Alabama head coach Nick Saban spoke to reporters after Wednesday‘s practice. Below is everything he said as the Crimson Tide continues preparations for the Iron Bowl.

“I think the most important thing for our players is to stay focused and have the energy and enthusiasm day in and day out to prepare for this game. Obviously everyone knows it’s a big game for a lot of people and our players certainly want to finish well and be very proud of what they did and play against a very good team and the best chance for us to play well is to stay focused and prepare properly throughout the week.

“I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. This is a time of year when we give grateful and appreciative thanks for all the things we have. I know that most of the time we think about what we don’t have, but this is a really good time to think about what we have and to be thankful and have a lot of gratitude for it.

“One of the things we’re going to do with the team tomorrow is bring practice up so we can finish a little earlier so guys who either live nearby or have family here can have Thanksgiving dinner with them can have. For those who can’t, we have players at home and some of the other coaches have players at home. We’re trying to make this as family-oriented as possible for players to make it feel good for Thanksgiving.

“Then on Saturday, Seniors’ Day, we honor 17 seniors who have contributed amazingly well to this program. Not just by winning 46 games, but by winning a national championship and two SEC titles, but by the class with which they’ve represented the university, how they’ve grown and developed as people, which we very, very much appreciate are proud. Almost all of these guys have graduated or are on their way to graduating, so we’re also very proud of them for their achievements and how they’ve made it through their investment and what they’ve been able to achieve while here in Alabama were created value for their future.”

On Auburn’s running game…

“They play really well. They are doing a great job running and they have really good plans. They’ve got good players, good backs, quarterbacks, and a good runner, so he kind of adds to that too. I still think they’re very capable of throwing the ball, but they’ve been playing and trying to win on the scrimmage line and have been pretty effective at that for the last couple of games.”

On Tyler Steen…

“He’s practiced.”

With the emphasis on stopping the run…

“They play in a lot of different staff groups and most of the time we play three wide receivers and a tight end, sometimes four wide receivers. They have a three wide receiver formation, but they play a lot of tight ends and play a lot of staff groups. You have to try to do that as best as you can, but they do a very good job trying to create advantages for them with formations. You have to be able to customize all those things too.”

About Jahmyr Gibbs, Eli Ricks and Cameron Latu…

“They’ve all practiced.”

On coaching his first Iron Bowl at home since 2018…

“I was here in 2020. (You had COVID.) Yes, but I was here. I saw the game. (I’m excited to be back at the stadium?) Damn, yes something. I watched the game. The interesting thing about watching the game at home is that I never noticed that the TV copy was a few seconds behind the real copy. So I’ve got an actual film shoot and I’ve got the TV on, so I’ve been able to see the play and I’ve been able to see it again. It was quite an effective experience and for what little I could communicate I was able to contribute to some degree.

Full video of his press conference…

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