Everything we are grateful for in Boston esports

BOSTON — Sure, it’s been almost four long and painful years since a Boston sports team has won a championship. But we’re pretty lucky here in the Northeast. Despite the unpredictable weather, terrible traffic, and insane cost of living, our sports teams are pretty damn entertaining.

They’re pretty good too. The Celtics look like a team determined to add a banner to the franchise’s collection after last season’s Finals defeat. The Bruins are currently unbeatable and the best team in hockey. The Patriots have won three straight games and could possibly make a splash in the playoffs. And the Red Sox…well, the Red Sox is still there.

Success in these parts is measured by championships, but we owe a lot in the Boston esports world right now. A lot of.

What are we grateful for at the Bruins?

We’d say it all went to Boston early in the season, but there was one horrible front office misstep that cast the franchise in a pretty horrible light for about a week or so. You know what we’re talking about.

You know that uncle who says something he really shouldn’t be having at the dinner table? It was Don Sweeney and Co. who signed Mitchell Miller. Thankfully, that fiasco is a thing of the past (pending the completion of the external investigation for now) and was the only flash on the Bruins’ radar for the moment. And that front office blunder didn’t impact the team on the ice as the Bruins continue to be an absolute wagon.

Maybe a car isn’t the right comp. The Bs are more of a steamroller with a 17-2 record and NHL-best 34 points to start the year. When they’re not blowing out teams, it feels like they’re keeping things shut just to test themselves.

The Bruins’ offense leads the NHL with 4.16 goals per game. Their defense only allows 2.11 goals per game, which is also the best in the NHL. Everything is going great in the kitchen.

We’re grateful that new head coach Jim Montgomery has the team playing an exciting and fast offense. We’re grateful that Patrice Bergeron has come back for another kick in the can and that he is the true leader that he is and has spoken out against signing Miller. We are grateful for B’s training staff who helped both Brad Marchand and Charlie McAvoy return early from their off-season surgeries. We’re grateful that Brad Marchand has been at his best so far. We’re grateful Linus Ullmark has the lights out and we’re grateful Jeremy Swayman is back to give him a little rest here and there.

Most of all, we’re grateful that Boston has the best team in the NHL. US Thanksgiving is a major league benchmark, and the Bruins sit at the top of the table. Now let’s just hope this good food continues throughout the summer.

What are we grateful for at the Celtics?

As great as the Bruins were, the Celtics were pretty great too. Like their roommates at TD Garden, the Celtics currently have the best record in the NBA.

We’re grateful that Jayson Tatum goes in the basket and plays like an MVP. We’re grateful that Joe Mazzulla seamlessly took over as head coach and the team didn’t miss a beat. We’re grateful that the offensive is playing at a historic level and the defense is slowly getting into shape.

But what we’re most grateful for is the depth Brad Stevens built during the offseason. Without them, the Celtics probably don’t sit above everyone else in the league right now. Malcolm Brogdon was the perfect match from the bench. Derrick White was just as great. Grant Williams has been doing his usual thing, hitting corner threes and annoying opponents like hell, and his love for Sam Hauser grows with every long-distance shot he sinks.

The Celtics shook off their Finals loss and then shook off their head coach a week before training camp. It’s not even a quarter of the season, but the C’s look like a team determined not only to return to the Finals, but to win the whole damn thing this year.

They also did all of this without Robert Williams playing a game. Thanks for setting the table with all that depth, Brad.

What are we grateful for at the Patriots?

The New England offensive stinks worse than a side dish accidentally left out overnight. Defense on the order side is as beautiful as a table full of pies. We’re grateful that the defense pretty much saved the season.

We are grateful for everything Matthew Judon does on the field. Not just his NFL-leading 13 sacks, but all of the energy he brings and the attention he draws wherever he goes when he’s out there. Without those red sleeves running amok, there’s no telling what the Patriots would be like right now.

We’re thankful that Jack Jones is a stud rookie on the corner and second overall. The Pats have the fourth-best defense in terms of passing yards allowed and are second-best points per game at just 16.9. For that, we’re very grateful, considering the offense can’t cut a cake, let alone a second one.

In this sense we are also grateful to Nick Folk. Sometimes the experienced kicker is the only way the Patriots can score points.

What are we grateful for in the Red Sox?

If the Bruins weren’t the best team in hockey and the Celtics weren’t the best team in basketball and the Patriots weren’t making a little bounce, our focus would be on the Red Sox doing nothing in the offseason. Granted, nobody in baseball really did much this offseason, but the Red Sox did to need some things to do in this off-season.

Xander Bogaerts should have signed a long-term deal a long time ago, but here we are, with the face of the franchise, a free agent. I guess we should be thankful he’d still be willing to re-sign after Boston’s offer last spring (renewing his contract by a year for $30 million) was essentially an invite to the kid’s table. The Red Sox say Bogaerts is their priority, but we’ll see.

We’d be really grateful if the team could sign Rafael Devers for a big fat contact ahead of his coming to free agency next year. But it doesn’t look like big fat contracts are going down on Jersey Street.

We’d be really grateful if the Red Sox added some pitching this winter as well. Lots of pitching. start pitching. bullpen help. a closer one. They would most like to sign someone whose arm also works.

Perhaps what they should be most thankful for is the San Francisco Giants, who could poke Aaron Judge away from the Yankees — or at least push up the price of the AL home run champion. That’s what happened with the Red Sox.

But hey, at least they have everyone else in Boston to steal — or rather, deserve — all the attention. The Red Sox should be pretty thankful that they’re just the green bean casserole that nobody really wants to touch.


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