Falling For Christmas (2022) Movie Review – Is That All We Can Expect From Lindsay Lohan?

Is this all we can expect from Lindsay Lohan?

Walking into this pre-Christmas movie I was certain this was going to be a Hallmark-like production with a predictable plot and a meh ending… and boy does this movie deliver. Coming in November 2022, Falling For Christmas is a Lindsay Lohan film, one of the many “Christmas Miracle” films sure to be released as we head into the season.

The film stars Lindsay as Sierra Belmont, who is literally the personified little damsel in distress. Sierra is dating an “influencer” named Tad, and she’s the wealthy heiress to one of the largest hotel resort chains — the Belmont Summit Resort.

Sierra’s father, Mr. Belmont, isn’t happy with Sierra’s relationship with Tad and hopes she ends it with him, but Tad has other things on his mind when he decides to propose to her on the top of a cliff when the going gets tough has snowed.

Sierra accepts the proposal and they make it official on Instagram before she accidentally falls off the cliff and is found by Jake Russell, the owner of a smaller hotel in the town of Summit Springs. To no one’s surprise, Sierra has lost her memory and has to live with Jake and his family, which consists of his daughter Avy and his late wife’s mother. Sierra (now called Sarah) must aim and regain her memory while Jake unsurprisingly falls in love with her.

It looks like Avy’s Christmas wish to see her father find love again may soon come true. The story of this Netflix Original doesn’t come out of the blue and seems very typical of all other Christmas movies that we’ve been presented with lately. The story is predictable and the ending leaves very little to the imagination.

My question to the creators is, if Sierra is the heiress to one of the largest hotel resorts in the area, how come no one knows about her? It’s also crazy how the hotel staff her father left behind when he’s away on business doesn’t know about a missing heiress days before Christmas. Sierra will be missing at most four full days and she is still falling in love with Jake at that time and so is he.

The only thing that made the story interesting was Sierra falling off the cliff, but the way the plot was revealed was extremely poor. The fall was not a tragedy but a comedy mistake typical of a Christmas movie and as funny as my expectation of a logical plot from this movie.

Watching Lindsay Lohan make her comeback is really endearing, but at the same time it would have been nice to see her in something more serious and organic than just a Christmas movie. However, the Mean Girls’ recall with “Jingle Bell Rock” was a fun nostalgic moment, to be fair.

The other characters in the film are just there and there isn’t much to say about the performances of the actors involved in this project. Setting the film around the holiday season makes it an easy fix since most of the narration takes place indoors because of the snow.

Falling For Christmas tries to use the outdoor Christmas backdrop from time to time, but it’s nothing viewers haven’t seen before with movies like the Princess Switch series and others. The film is a leisure watch for people looking to kill time as the holiday season approaches. One piece of advice, if you go into the movie expecting a romance that will blow your mind, this isn’t the movie for you.

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