Fantasy Basketball Trading Advice: Ben Simmons, Julius Randle & Pascal Siakam

After a nearly triple performance on Tuesday, FantasyPros recommends trading for Ben Simmons

Every Wednesday we make available players that you should not only acquire through trade, but also players that you should rather trade away.

Let us begin.

exchange for

Ben Simmons (PG/SG – BKN)

Lately, Simmons is looking more like the player we saw before the infamous Atlanta series. While he’s ranked 167th for the season, he’s posted top-86 numbers over the past two weeks. During that stretch, Simmons averages 11.2 points, eight rebounds, 4.4 assists and 1.2 STOCKs.

elite numbers? Well, no, but he’s started to look like his old self — especially defensively.

It wasn’t a normal injury that Simmons had and I think we’re forgetting that. He’s coming back from back surgery, which is a whole different level of an injury to come back from. Despite the recent game, it seems like fantasy managers want nothing to do with him, which is an opportunity for you to take him way below par.

Players who can trade for him who are ranked higher:

Al Horford, Aaron Gordon, Collin Sexton

trade away

Julius Randle (PF-NYK)

While Randle has had a few bad games under his belt, he’s been a pretty solid fantasy player. He was between the 2021 and 2020 versions we’ve seen of him. Trade rumors are swirling around him, and while he was the lowest stakes player during his tenure with the Knicks, I expect that number will drop even further for him as he moves to another team.

Randle is trying to regain his 2020 shooting performance as he’s attempting more 3-pointers this season, but he’s only shooting 33% from behind the arc, which is closer to 2021 (31%) than 2020 (41%). I’m nervous about how he’ll be used if he goes to Miami or anywhere else that doesn’t use him as a primary offensive option.

Players who can trade for him who are ranked lower:

Scottie Barnes, John Collins, Kevin Hurter, Rudy Gobert

exchange for

Pascal Siakam (PF/C – TOR)

Siakam was out with a kidnapping tribe, but the good news for Toronto is that he should be back within the next week. That means the buy-low window is open, but not for much longer.

Before he got injured, Siakam was posting top-30 numbers in just nine games. But by the yardstick I’m getting from across the industry, Siakam remains underrated in the imagination as it looks like people haven’t strayed from his lackluster 2020-21 season despite his great 2021-22 season.

The easiest way for him to trade is when his manager has a losing record and you can benefit from a little panic.

Players who can trade for him who are ranked higher:

Tyler Herro, Brandon Ingram, Spencer Dinwiddie

trade away

Nikola Vucevic (PF/C – CHI)

It was a good comeback for Vucevic on his last outing after shooting 46% or worse from the field for three games. He still had two double-doubles during those three games, but the FG% hit was brutal.

The Bulls are struggling and if this continues don’t be surprised if we see them boxing up some of their veterans – with Vucevic being one of the more likely candidates.

The trade for him is looking worse and worse by the minute. While still a solid fantasy player, he’s a 32-year-old aging tall man whose contract expires at the end of the year.

If Vucevic is dealt it might not be a friendly situation so I would wait for another good game and start making offers with him.

Players who can trade for him who are ranked lower:

Franz Wagner, Anthony Edwards, Rudy Gobert


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