Idaho Sports Teams and Being a Good Sports State

Boise State Football is on track to win the Mountain West Conference this year, Boise State Basketball is underway after a season in which it played the NCAA tournament, and although it’s not just in Idaho, it is The World Cup is underway and American pride is sweeping the country as we cheer on our team. Sport is a big part of the world and every state comes together to cheer on their teams. Sport teaches character and hard work, bringing a community together in a way that nothing else can. A lot goes into being a good sports state and city when it comes to being a good sports city, but who is the best sports city and how does Boise and the state of Idaho compare?

The best and worst sports cities in the United States

Photo credit: David Lee

Photo credit: David Lee

When it comes to the best sports cities in the United States, WalletHub recently released a list, ranking from best to worst, ranking cities based on the country’s top five sports, namely soccer, baseball, basketball, soccer and hockey. According to the list, Los Angeles is the number one sports city in the United States, followed by Boston and New York City making up the top 3. LA is number one in basketball and soccer, Boston is number one in hockey, New York is number one in baseball and Pittsburgh is number one in soccer. The list used 392 cities. Unsurprisingly, the largest cities with the most professional teams rank highest, but where does Boise fall on the list?

Is Idaho a Good Sports State?

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Boise State in the Air Force

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Idaho made the list of top sports cities with three cities, and unsurprisingly, the state’s largest city, Boise, takes the highest spot. However, Idaho didn’t compare well to other states, with Boise coming in at 168. Of the five major sports, Boise ranked 450th in baseball and hockey, which is the lowest rank a city can rank, but 71st in football and 160th in basketball, and 252nd in soccer. The other Idaho cities on the list are Moscow with 228 and Pocatello with 242 out of a possible 392.

As larger cities continue to do better in polls and lists like this one, Boise’s placement in the top 100 in football proves that the state supports the Boise State Broncos football team, even though it’s not as good as it was a decade ago. As long as the team continues to have successful seasons, the state and city will continue to support their team and basketball team as they improve year after year. Although Idaho has no professional teams in the state, it supports its teams when it can. Go to a game today and support your local team or teams.

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