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There’s no denying that the world has been on a roller coaster ride in recent years and that the leisure sector has felt the full brunt of these changes. This year, however, a degree of normalcy is returning, and people are once again craving unique and alternative experiences as they strive to make up for lost time and return to normal. Ahead of LeisurUp by MAPIC, RLI takes a look at a selection of concepts being showcased at the event and those that are making big strides around the world.

LeisurUp was developed by MAPIC to provide our clients with the right platform to transform traditional websites into modern lifestyle destinations by creating vibrant location-based entertainment experiences. It is the new leisure event dedicated to accelerating location-based attractions in lifestyle destinations including retail locations, urban areas, transportation hubs and travel destinations. This year LeisurUp will be hosted by MAPIC in Cannes from November 29th to December 1st.

Arcadrone Evo Arena

Those attending LeisurUp this year will be better able to identify their next business partner, find new business models and create unique leisure experiences. From indoor to outdoor experiences, participants can find the most dynamic leisure partners to create unique place-based entertainment attractions for retail, urban and leisure destinations.

Originally opening in 2020, AREA 15 is an experimental retail and entertainment complex in Las Vegas, Nevada that is home to several large experimental entertainment residences and includes sculpture and other art exhibits. The new aerobar “Liftoff” from the French manufacturer Aerophile opened in February 2022 as part of the AREA 15 retail and entertainment experience complex. It is the first attraction of its kind in the United States. A total of 16 people can be transported to a height of almost 40 meters during one ride, while guests can enjoy the 360-degree view over the glittering gambling city with fresh drinks. In the evening hours, the liftoff helix construction is illuminated in color. In the coming months, Aerophile is planning three locations in the USA and one in France.

Golf Fang, Cardiff, Wales

Jungle Entertainment by Green Spirit represents a successful retailtainment solution, a concept that offers all children and their families a space to create memories for life and introduce the most amazing natural atmospheres. It’s an innovative project that mixes the fun entertainment part with a learning environment in a very immersive approach. An extremely thematic place, characterized by the jungle scenography and divided into different themed areas, reproduces a real small indoor theme park where physical play and virtual entertainment create an original mix suitable for all ages. The company currently operates five locations across China, with one scheduled to open in Istanbul in the coming months.

Drone Interactive makes flying drones easy, fun and profitable with its new interactive attraction Arcadrone evo, a fully autonomous drone flying arena with a reduced footprint and high capacity. Arcadrone evo is the only turnkey gaming platform with drones. Players are positioned around an arena in which their respective drone flies. Thanks to the anti-collision system, playing Arcadrone evo is safe and guaranteed without crashes. The company plans to install over 50 Arcadrone devices over the next two years to expand the concept, after initially opening locations in Lyon, France and Montreux, Switzerland.

EmotionHall, Tiare Shopping, Italy

Gansu Xirong Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd and French showmakers ECA2 have joined forces to create Lanzhou’s first multimedia spectacle, “The Legend of Pangu”. It’s immersive, it’s inspired, it’s bringing Lanzhou back to the center of the world stage! State-of-the-art architecture and custom technology meet China’s ancient tradition of storytelling in this dazzling experience of spectacular indoor/outdoor combinations. This show is the main attraction of Hekou Ancient City, a mixed-use area developed by the Chinese central government to achieve social and economic improvements while enriching the local cultural panorama.

SpeedPark has continued its development in France and Spain with the launch of three new parks in the last 18 months (Strasbourg, Madrid, Claye-Souilly). Speedpark, the French leader in multi-activity amusement parks, aims to expand into new territories, with fresh news and improvements within its walls. Located in the Oasiz Madrid shopping center, Torrejon de Ardoz, by Compagnie de Phalsbourg, this new venue showcases renewed activities and customer experiences, as well as great design. Karting and bowling take center stage, but guests will discover other activities upon arrival, like laser tag or karaoke music boxes.

TOCA Social, O2 Arena, London, UK

In cooperation with the Donau-Mall, citywave brought the ultimate summer experience to Regensburg. An unprecedented attraction: urban surfing on the standing wave with customizable conditions for beginners, intermediate and pros. The lifestyle platform offers urban surf culture, cool drinks and a beach lounge to relax, enjoy and watch. In addition, the supporting program guaranteed that there was something for everyone: live music, surf yoga, children’s camps, film evenings, workshops and professional competitions in the world’s best surfing league. Citywave Beach is a holiday oasis for everyone and leaves nothing to be desired! The company currently operates 14 locations in nine countries and plans five more worldwide in the next two years.

EmotionHall is located in the context of Tiare Shopping, a “meeting place” in north-eastern Italy. A unique and appealing place; it is the first permanent immersive arena in Italy. Modular and interactive, the site is dedicated to arts, culture and entertainment, with spaces that can be set up for exhibitions, music events, various classes and stages, and tasting events. On more than 2,000 square meters, the visitor will find content and experiences in constant movement, whereby the space can take on a variety of forms thanks to the modularity of the sliding walls. EmotionHall is equipped with the most advanced audio-video technologies and is able to offer highly interesting content.

Citywave, Citywave Pro World Tour Regensberg, Germany

Kinder Joy of Moving Park is a 1,700 sqm amusement and educational park for children, unique in Italy, developed in Vicolungo The Style Outlets. Designed by the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of the Federico II University of Naples, it offers eight play areas that encourage an active lifestyle and stimulate children’s life skills in a fun and didactic way. This innovative and unique park in an outlet center is the result of a successful public-private partnership between Kinder, Vicolungo The Style Outlets (managed by NEINVER) and the Municipality of Vicolungo, united by shared values ​​in a social responsibility project Children and Familys.

TOCA Social is the world’s first interactive football and dining experience that combines immersive gaming with premium food and beverages. It was designed for both football lovers and haters, regardless of whether guests know how to kick a ball or not. Aside from the fun games, there’s a modern Americana-inspired menu created by a Michelin-trained creative chef, and the entire venue lends itself to events of all shapes and sizes, from corporate nights to bachelorette parties. The easily accessible and interactive soccer-based games offer players of all ages and abilities the opportunity to play soccer with their friends. Gensler has previously worked with TOCA Social to create a concept blueprint for a football-based entertainment offering that is “the first of its kind.” Components of the prototype were installed in their flagship room, located in London’s iconic O2 Arena. A second location is scheduled to open in Dallas, USA in 2023.

Immersive Gamebox, UK

Immersive Gamebox is a leading immersive gaming experience in the UK and US, focused on shared gameplay and socializing. The “Gameboxes” use a unique suite of technologies including projection mapping, touchscreens, motion tracking and surround sound to deliver a hyper-immersive experience for up to six players. A new genre of group entertainment where players tackle a range of immersive games and challenges through teamwork and collaboration. Immersive Gamebox has a portfolio of 15, 30 and 60 minute games developed in-house, including third-party IPs such as Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep and Rovio’s Angry Birds and Netflix’s Squid Game. The company currently operates 12 locations in the UK and US, with a further 96 in the pipeline.

Gravity at Southside opened in August 2021 and at 80,000 sqft was the UK’s largest leisure property lease of 2020. It was a pivotal transaction for the market as it demonstrated the potential that can be unleashed in former department stores. Gravity’s leisure center includes e-karting, virtual reality games, bowling, mini-golf and arcade games, as well as extensive F&B. Many were firsts for Gravity and were selected to reflect the needs and character of the Wandsworth catchment. The innovative concepts that Gravity delivers at Southside also show how Landsec is redefining the role of our places and helping brands create something guests crave.

The Liverpool-based hotel operators are planning to open their newest Golf Fang location on Cardiff’s Mary Ann Street in the first quarter of 2023. The venue will feature work by select graffiti artists. The brand’s goal is to create a unique course offering that offers guests an experience that both inspires and positions graffiti as an art form. The company now owns and operates five cities in the UK including Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow. Golf Fang Cardiff will be their sixth location after a successful start in Sheffield. The Big Fang Collective is now planning to expand further across the UK, with seven of those set to launch before 2025.

EXTREME is a uniquely branded, community and purpose driven company living at the intersection of sport, entertainment and lifestyle. Her vision is to drive positive change through extreme and adventure sports. This is realized through their integrated approach that encompasses strategy, design, development and management of some of the world’s most innovative destinations, spectacular events, entertaining media and engaging brand campaigns.


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