Michigan vs. Ohio State preview

The biggest game of the season comes on Saturday afternoon in Columbus when undefeated Michigan meets undefeated Ohio State with everything on the line.

A Big Ten championship spot, college football playoff efforts and rivalry bragging rights are at stake at the Horseshoe for the next 365 days. Kickoff is scheduled for Saturday at 12 p.m. and The Game will air on FOX.

In the final issue of the regular season of Behind Enemy Lines, Ohio State beat writer Patrick Murphy joins The Michigan Insider’s Alejandro Zúñiga to preview the biggest game of the year for both programs. The two discuss the state of the rivalry, how the Buckeyes have adjusted after the 2021 season and what they expect to see in Columbus this weekend.

Listen to the player below and read on for the full transcript:

The Michigan Insider: Hi everyone and welcome to Behind Enemy Lines. I’m Alejandro Zúñiga at The Michigan Insider. This is our show where we take a close look at the upcoming Michigan Football Team opponent. And if you listen to this episode, you’ll know what time it is: It’s Michigan and Ohio State. It’s always the biggest game on the schedule for both programs. And this year bigger than most. Both teams are 11:0. Both programs have Big Ten and College Football Playoff ambitions. This is a rivalry that has been revived since last year and I am delighted to have Patrick Murphy with me. He covers the Buckeyes at Bucknuts, our 247Sports subsidiary.

After the first few weeks of the season, it was as if Michigan and Ohio State were on a collision course. Both programs have done their work and we are now in this very special week.

I think it’s fair to say that both fanbases are thrilled that this game is going to be as much fun as it seems this year.

Patrick Murphy: Absolutely. I think even before the season started, a lot of people including myself were talking about this being that kind of game – not only is the rivalry exciting for a variety of reasons, but I think most people looked at both teams’ schedules and said there’s a good chance they’ll go into this game undefeated and two of the top-ranked teams in the country with everything on the line. And that’s where we’re obviously. It’s nice when these things work out the way you hope they would and I don’t see how you can’t look forward to this game. Even more than I think most fans on both sides usually are.

TMI: It’s something special. Legends are made in this game. Heisman moments happen in this game. Institutional memories for both programs are made in this game.

If you don’t know the details, of course it’s a lunchtime kickoff on Fox. It’s going to be the most watched game of the weekend, Game Day will be there, Big Noon Kickoff. We will be there, more than 100,000 people will be there.

And we were there last year when it was 42-27 at Ann Arbor, an upset win for the Wolverines that propelled them into the Big Ten championship and elevated the Michigan program to a level where it’s not just about that going to fight for the big ten and fall a bit short but now suddenly reigning big ten champions, big ten representatives in the college football playoff.

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