Navajo Express’ investment in advanced security technology is paying off

E-SMART Intelligent Speed ​​Solution Improves CSA Scores for Navajo

DENVER, November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Navajo Express, Inc., a leader in long-haul and specialty transportation, announced results from the first year of its introduction of E-SMART intelligent speed adjustment technology. When Navajo started using the E-SMART solution in August 2021, her CSA score was 67. By September 2021, it had dropped to 38. And by October 2022 he had improved to 13. In addition, Navajo’s accident rate has also improved, dropping from 52% to 26% over the same period.

“Since joining Navajo, I have been very focused on our safety values. I follow her daily. We can directly attribute these safety achievements to E-SMART technology,” he said jay thomas, the vice president of security. “The product does what it was designed to do and we are thrilled with the results.”

The E-SMART solution uses Advanced Position Systems’ technology to determine vehicle location to actively manage maximum speed limits, provide real-time safety alerts, and identify known hazardous areas such as low-pass bridges. If a driver approaches a problem area, they will immediately receive a notification on their in-cab mobile device and the vehicle’s speed will be limited accordingly. Leading fleets that have integrated E-SMART technology have reported a significant reduction in speed-related violations, accidents and a complete elimination of low-headroom bridging.

“The partnership between E-SMART and Navajo has been extremely successful. Their intense commitment to safety and the focus of their management ensure a positive outcome,” said Matthew Boivin, Managing Director of E-SMART. “We are proud to partner with Navajo and work to meet their safety goals.”

ABOUT NAVAJO EXPRESS Navajo Express was founded in 1981 by Don Digby, Sr. Today it is owned and operated by his son, Don Digby Jr. Based on out DenverNavajo Express is a leader in long-haul and specialty transportation.

ABOUT E SMART E-SMART develops and produces innovative software/firmware solutions that significantly improve vehicle safety. located in Indianapolis, IN and Montreal CanadaE-SMART serves everyone North America. It helps fleets set new safety standards in the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) environment with the implementation of Intelligent Speed ​​Adaptation (ISA) technology. For more information, visit:

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