NBA BetMGM Bonus Code: Win $200 when ANY player scores a three pointer

Want to boost your bankroll with a MASSIVE return this Black Friday? Unlock the latest NBA BetMGM bonus code now and get a $200 payday if anyone scores in any of today’s NBA games.

If you’ve spent a massive amount of money this Black Friday and want to top up your balance then look no further than the NBA BetMGM bonus code. Sports bettors who claim this fantastic welcome offer from BetMGM Sportsbook can secure themselves a 20-1 NBA odds boost when they claim the NBA BetMGM bonus code now.

All you have to do is place a $10 bet on your favorite NBA moneyline and you’ll win $200 if ANY player scores a three-pointer in today’s games. Luckily for new users to claim this incredible offer, the NBA is full of experienced long-distance shooters, so the 200x return of the NBA BetMGM bonus is pretty safe.

To find out how to secure your NBA BetMGM bonus code on Black Friday NBA follow our instructions below.

How to enter your NBA BetMGM bonus code for today’s NBA games

Step One: CLICK HERE or claim the offer below to add your BetMGM bonus code to your registration.

Step Two: Create your BetMGM Sportsbook account.

Step Three: Deposit $10 into your account.

Step Four: Place a $10 bet on any moneyline.

Step Five: Your BetMGM bonus code will give you a one-time win of $200.

Which Player Will Help You Win $200 From NBA BetMGM Bonus Code?

There are a plethora of players who can help you get $200 from the NBA BetMGM bonus code, but it only takes one to score a three pointer and give you a HUGE payday this Black Friday. The question is, who can?

We’ve selected some in-form three-pointers specialists who will most likely help you win $200 in free bets thanks to the NBA BetMGM bonus code.

Can Kevin Durant score a three point and help you win $200 from the NBA BetMGM bonus code?

If people nickname you “Easy Money Sniper,” there’s a big chance you’re pretty good at scoring goals. That certainly applies to Kevin Durant, who is arguably the finest naturalist of his generation of gamers.

The Nets didn’t start the season well, but that’s not due to anything Durant did on the court. So far he’s scored 33.3% of his three-point attempts, making him a problem for any team that allows him to score from deep.

With Yuta Watanabe out for the foreseeable future, the Nets’ three-pointer duties will land on Durant. However, if there’s one player you can count on to help you win $200 from the NBA BetMGM bonus code, it’s KD.

Will Steph Curry score from afar against the Utah Jazz and win you $200 from the NBA BetMGM bonus code?

Speaking of players you can bet on to make a three-pointer during a game, Golden State Warriors legend Stephen Curry is arguably the most reliable long-distance shooter in the entire NBA.

Sure, Yuta Watanabe is statistically the best three-point shooter in the game right now, but if you had to bet on ANYONE coming out of the deep and sinking a shot, it would have to be Chef Curry.

So far he’s hit a HUGE 44.4% of his three point attempts which is great for the Golden State Warriors but also amazing news if you’ve claimed the NBA BetMGM bonus code as you’ll most likely get $200 on your first bet .


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