Ohio State-Michigan tickets sell for more than $10,000

If you haven’t already bought your tickets for Saturday’s game between second-placed Ohio and third-placed Michigan, be prepared to dig deep into your wallet as the average price at SI tickets is currently $1,154.

That’s slightly cheaper than the average ticket price for Georgia’s 27-13 win over Tennessee earlier this month ($1,155) when the Volunteers were No. 1 in the college football playoff rankings and the Bulldogs were No. 3. which was the most expensive card of the season.

This is also the most coveted ticket for the rivalry weekend, which also features 20th-ranked Mississippi State Ole Miss ($103 average), 16th-ranked Florida Florida State ($241), 8th-ranked South Carolina Clemson ($438 dollars), Auburn at #7 Alabama ($397), #9 Oregon at #21 Oregon State ($321), and #15 Notre Dame at #6 USC ($362).


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