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Brand: Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition

Obtain: Online in the Highsnobiety shop

Release date: Pre-sale starts December 5th exclusively in the Highsnobiety shop. Sign up for the Highsnobiety newsletter for early access.

Price: $990 (€899)

Editor’s Notes: The list of things that Daniel Arsham has turned into what he calls “fictional archeology” just keeps growing. We’ve seen the artist use his signature style on Porsche sports cars, Pokémon figures, and basketballs, and the latest object to be graced with his eroding aesthetic is a smartphone.

The artist has teamed up with Xiaomi to create a limited edition version of his 12T Pro model, which will be available exclusively on the Highsnobiety Shop from December 5th ahead of a worldwide release.

“I think the phone is probably the most ubiquitous object we deal with today. So changing it up is a very interesting part of our everyday lives,” Arsham told Highsnobiety. “I’m always interested in taking my work to arenas outside of the typical art world scenario.”

The phone is finished in a dark green marbled colorway that has a textured finish that makes it appear as if it has been partially eroded, making room for contrasting bronze metallic accents. It continues the conversation Arsham generated with his art, using contemporary themes that fuse past, present and future.

This isn’t just limited to the phone, it also extends to the box it comes in. The heavy wooden box, also designed by the artist, has the same eroded look as the phone, created by gold foil paper and three dimensional embossing. Meanwhile, the inside has a paper wrapper with matte UV technology and is weighted down with a magnetic structure.

Arsham explains that he sees the box itself as an art object: “In 20 years there will be people who have this phone but no longer use it as a phone. Instead, it becomes a sculptural object linked to a specific moment in time. It goes beyond functionality – it becomes a sculpture.”

This sentiment is shared by Xiaomi, who describes it as “not just a smartphone, but advanced technology used to realize the artist’s design”.

The device Arsham is using as a canvas is the Chinese consumer electronics giant’s most advanced smartphone, building on its popular 12 Pro model with a 200-megapixel main camera sensor and an upgraded Snapdragon® 8+ Gen 1 processor.

It arrives in limited numbers, with only 2000 units available in Europe. In addition to the exclusive advance sale, we also offer the option of having your device autographed by Arsham.

A pop-up window will be open at our Berlin headquarters from December 16th to 17th. Daniel Arsham will be there in person on Friday at 15:00 CET to autograph the first 100 phones sold. If you want to come down here is the address: Genthiner Str. 32-34, 10785 Berlin.


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