Sebewaing business born from hobby

Personal hobbies can turn into wonderful long-term ventures, and that’s exactly what Theresa Kain did with Rose Island Originals.

Kain, based in Sebewaing, has turned her hobby of painting and teaching into a business. In 2020, during the pandemic, Kain founded her company, Rose Island Originals, combining her dream of painting and teaching into one while maintaining both her job as a nurse and her role as a mother.

“Before that I wanted to party at home, make signs and paint,” said Kain. “I was preparing for it and the world shut down, so we switched gears. My husband and I are very fond of woodworking, and I like throwing paint on things that people don’t expect paint on.”

Rose Island Originals is a hometown company that hosts both public and private DIY painting parties. The various composition activities offered include canvas painting, wood cut signs, monthly kits and more. Cain loves teaching and expressing her artistic skills with others and found that offering classes and hosting parties would be the best of both worlds.

“People really expressed a desire to be together in a sense of community,” Kain said.

“I get more out of these classes because I want to offer something to the community,” Kain said. “Everyone has just been different throughout this entire span of time and their needs and values ​​have changed. I just wanted to create a place where people can get back to what matters to them.”

Cain started public painting parties as the post-pandemic world became more open. The residents soon found out about the parties, and shortly thereafter Cain began having people book him for private business and birthday parties.

“It’s just evolved over the past year,” Kain said. “It’s about picking up and offering new projects and kicking them out of there.”

Cain’s passion for creativity is not what drives her to continue her work, but it is the teaching aspect that drives her in the long run.

“My passion is more about teaching,” Kain said. “I love the creative aspect of it, and I grew up that way, with a creative background in a non-traditional sense. My father was an engineer and my mother was a nurse and both need to be creative in their roles. Painting is just taking something ugly and making it pretty again, but teaching has always been more about where I am. That creates more passion for giving people that little boost of self-esteem.”

The community and village of Sebewaing were big fans of Theresa’s success and teaching. People really enjoy her work and what she does, as she shows time and time again when she teaches classes.

“The church was so welcoming,” said Kain. “We didn’t expect that. We thought it would only be a few classes a month and now it’s a few a week. It was a great response, very welcome to the community. It was a blessing.”

Kain and her husband have plans to remodel and expand the current storefront to include retail space as well as classes and parties.

“Our goal is to eventually be more open,” Kish said. “We’ve got another space back here that we’re going to redesign as soon as we have more time and then have a retail space up here. I really want to have a place where artists can showcase their pieces or sell their wares.”

Kain sells many different items, such as wooden signs, Christmas canvas prints and beautiful gifts for someone special. She offers many classes throughout the week, each lasting around two to three hours. The Sebewaing community has been very supportive of their business.

“This is where I raise my children and my husband grew up,” said Kain. “Here are our children. As my husband and I grow older, as our family ages, our goal becomes to contribute more to the community than is expected of us. Giving that sense of community where people can come here and realize that people are real people, outside of the way you usually see them.”

Visit the company’s website for more information on the courses offered and the storefront.


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