Super Kiwi 64 gets release date

Super Kiwi 64, a game inspired by the Nintendo 64 era of gaming, gets a new trailer and release date just in time for the holidays.

The upcoming platformer Super Kiwi 64 gets a release date and trailer. Gamers nostalgic for the Nintendo 64 generation will probably want to keep an eye on it Super Kiwi 64a game that throws the late 90s back into the modern age.

Super Kiwi 64 is developed and published by Siactro, known for developing games of a similar style such as: Beeny, Gates Genesisand hungry ducks. Siactro’s vision, as stated on his website, is to bring back the 90’s in all the games he produces. Gamers are likely to be swept by nostalgia for 90’s gaming as they check out the latest addition to Siactro’s gaming roster.


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Siactro released a trailer for Super Kiwi 64 that shows all the Nintendo 64 nostalgia to be expected from remembering games of that era. The title of the trailer reveals that the game will be released on December 2nd, 2022, just in time for the holidays. Super Kiwi 64 appears on Nintendo Switch and Steam. Super Kiwi 64 aims to give nostalgic gamers a trip down memory lane, similar to some games on the Nintendo 64 streaming service on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 64 Expansion Pack, and give them the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new game inspired by that era is.

in the Super Kiwi 64, players take control of a kiwi bird that moves across water, land and air. Of all the video game mascots to date, a kiwi bird is among the first of its kind, but it’s every bit as endearing as gamers would expect from a small, rounded animal. The Kiwi Bird comes equipped with a backpack that can transform into either a jetpack fan, or airplane wings speculated for longer jumps or flights. Players join the kiwi bird protagonist as they experience environments such as temples, jungles, lava-filled pits, and deserts, all potentially full of puzzles for the player to solve. Based on the trailer shown, Super Kiwi 64 will hopefully live up to some of the genre-defining games of the Nintendo era.

Keeping the past alive by creating nostalgically inspired games is important to remember where video games began. In addition, it is also important to redesign these games with current technology so that modern audiences can enjoy them. There are plenty of Nintendo 64 games that deserve the remake treatment, but that doesn’t mean they can’t share the limelight with newer counterparts Super Kiwi 64.

Super Kiwi 64 will be released on December 2, 2022 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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