The IIT in Tanzania can be a hub for technology education in Africa: Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan

An Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Tanzania can be a hub for technology education in Africa, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said here on Thursday. An offshore IIT Madras campus in Tanzania is among the options on the table as the government is working on a plan to ensure the country’s leading engineering institutes have a presence on the world map.

Pradhan met Lela Muhamed Mussa, Minister of Education and Vocational Training, Zanzibar, here on Friday. He also suggested setting up a center of excellence in Zanzibar. “India is happy to support Tanzania in the IIT project. The IIT in Tanzania can be a hub for technology education in Africa. I offered the support needed to implement the project and also shared India’s willingness to establish a 21st Century Center of Excellence in Zanzibar.

“Leela Muhamad Musa assured us all the necessary support to make our cooperation in education and skills more vibrant and also for the prosperity of Tanzania and Zanzibar.

NEP creates new avenues for education in India. I invited Tanzanian and African students to study in India,” Pradhan said in a series of tweets. Several IITs have received requests from the countries of the Middle East and South Asia to set up their campuses. The center earlier this year had a committee chaired by the IIT Council’s permanent committee chair, Dr. K. Radhakrishnan, established.

The panel had recommended that there could be more than one model for setting up the institute, depending on the specific location, such as B. Campus by individual IITs, a group of IITs and universities, an individual or a group of IITs in cooperation with a renowned host university.

The panel has proposed creating a generic system such as IIT, NIT or IISER under which a number of institutes can be established as the current IIT law does not provide for the establishment of an IIT outside the country.

Naming of the IITs as “India International Institute of Technology”, sending faculty members of the renowned technology institutes here on deputation abroad, license fees of the institute established abroad for the use of the IIT brand name and protective measures for the long-term preservation of the IIT brand and cases, in which the foreign-based institution does not perform well for some reason are among the panel’s other recommendations.

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