The Paris soccer team hosts combines at the Paris La Défense Arena

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic Photos: Maxime Le Pihif, Tiffany Amise

Last weekend, the Paris soccer team and head coach Marc Mattioli maintained their first combine Paris La Defense Arena to fill their list for 2023 European Football League (ELF) season.

The size of the Paris La Defense arena was fully featured in the western Paris suburb of Nanterre as a player from all corners Europe gathered in the Multipurpose Dome hoping to form the most anticipated team of 2023 ELEVEN Season.

Head coach Marc Mattioli speaks to the players Photo: Maxime Le Pihif

After overwhelming interest and applications, the Paris soccer team were forced to limit the number of participants to just 240 to make the judging process manageable. The day was restricted to helmets only as athletes were put through their paces in pocket, one-on-one and free-field drills.

Photo: Tiffany Amise

On that day, Mattioli specifically mentioned the skill positions, which were characterized by range, speed and technical ability. With the outstanding talents of American Wideout Kyle Sweet and homegrown receiver Remi Bertellin have already acquired, this seems to be part of the depth map that’s only going to get deeper.

Photo: Maxime Le Pihif

Paris has had a burgeoning football scene for years and the visible helmets worn by the La Courneuve Flash stood out. That Paris-based team was one of the powerhouses in France for years and after another national title this year combined with their history in international competition they are likely to make up the bulk of the squad.

Photo: Maxime Le Pihif

After the combine, Mattioli commented:

My main focus was putting together our first year roster. We want our roster to be talented, balanced and deep across all positions. It is an in-depth process that requires assessment, relationship building, recruitment and player engagement. There are so many talented French players. We are looking for talented guys with character, tenacity and great energy and attitude.

“Our taster camp on November 20th was a complete success. I was really impressed by the level of talent there and also by the commitment everyone showed. We will have to make a lot of difficult decisions when it comes to picking guys for our roster as there are more players than we can accommodate based on roster size rules. That’s a good problem. We are also making great progress with our American and European import spots. I’m really excited about the squad we’re putting together and can’t wait to see it come together as we progress.”


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