These are the best apps to watch the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup has started. Many of us already know where to watch the games unless work and personal commitments get in the way. But the truth is that it’s next to impossible for all of us to watch every single game on TV. The solution? Download one of the following apps and get all the information straight to your phone; It doesn’t matter if you are an iOs or Android user.


The official source for everything related to football in general (and the World Cup in particular) is completely free. Plus, you can rewatch legendary matches and discover untold stories from your favorite soccer players while also getting news, live matches, scores and more. Take your football love to the next level with FIFA+.

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Although this app covers more than ten sports, it has a special focus on soccer. If you want, you can even choose not to see the information about other activities like tennis, car racing, hockey, basketball, etc. 365Score lets you select a favorite team to get full preview coverage of any game, such as: B. Possible lineups, related news and details on each player’s status. This app also offers an attractive game commentary system with data and graphics, so the feeling is similar to watching a game on TV. Oh, and It has spatial interface for Apple Watch.

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Sports lovers have a good partner in SofaScore. Claiming to deliver notifications faster than TV, this app covers American football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, soccer, cricket, baseball, motor sports and even darts.

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It’s impossible to list the best apps to track live scores and leave out Soccerway. This app was created in 1994, has more than a million followers and covers more than 700 soccer leagues around the world. It is for the fanatics of this sport (or for those who are really interested in following the competitions in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Cyprus, Fiji or the Estonian fourth division). The app is available in 17 languages. In addition to statistics and live scores, Soccerway offers information on a large player database.

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Another of the currently most popular applications. It offers a simple yet attractive design that many football fans will appreciate. When using the app for the first time, the user will be prompted to choose a favorite team and league to make the user experience more personal. There is a full schedule of games to allow users to organize themselves and a news section to keep fans informed of the latest news about the sport. There is also constant information on the condition of footballers, especially their main injuries and statistics; The app can also compare different players.

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