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Despite the fact that its residents have a nasty habit of dying in the end, business at luxury hotel chain The White Lotus is going like clockwork. In fact, with the news that the HBO/Sky Atlantic series has been renewed for a third series, we’ll all be getting a glimpse of its third outpost.

The announcement of a brand new sun-kissed spot full of horrible, horrible people was made by a video on social media showing the sea, someone pouring a healthy glass of red wine and the words, “Another vacation is in your future”.

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Creator Mike White also released a statement confirming the news, saying, “There’s no place I’d rather work than at HBO, and there’s no people I’d rather work with than Casey Bloys, Francesca Orsi, Nora Skinner and their amazing team. I feel so fortunate to be given this opportunity again and look forward to reuniting with my incredibly talented staff The White Lotus.”

What can we expect from the third season?

Well, with season one set in Maui and season two set in Sicily, it really could be anywhere, and we probably won’t find out for a while. However, since both series set in the fictional White Lotus resorts were actually filmed in Four Seasons properties, it’s likely one of the 128 locations shown here on their website. Buenos Aires? Cairo? Seychelles? Maybe even Blighty with it nice bunch in Hampshire.

White previously brought up the idea of ​​Asia as the new location meeting: “I think it would be fun to maybe go to a whole different continent. You know we did Europe and maybe Asia, something crazy that would be fun.”

Meanwhile, the fans are already raging with their own suggestions. Over on the Reddit Fanpage the consensus reads: “Mix it up and make it a winter vacation,” with other people chiming in: “Playing in a wealthy ski town like Aspen or Vail would be a fascinating setting.” with someone else adding: ” Tanya did talk about Aspen…”

Speaking of Tanya, will Jennifer Coolidge be there?

As the only actor (besides Greg [Jon Gries], her on-screen husband) who was making the return journey from the first series, there’s always a chance that White will let Tanya McQuoid check into the new hotel as well. After all, memes featuring her pretty much spring to life. But with a few episodes left of series two, we really don’t know if she’ll make it out alive or not.

In the same interview with meetingWhite hinted that he might bring back another previous character: “There’s so many fun actors that we’ve worked with, so it’s just who’s available and who’s going to do it… I think it’s fun to have someone.” bring back from some seasons. ”

Is there a trailer

No, not yet.

when is it due

Not for a while. We’re probably planning a 2024 release. Time to save those air miles…


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