Why Zack Snyder’s comic book movies are so divisive

Zack Snyder‘s comic book movies, particularly the ones he made while working with the DCEU, have always been incredibly divisive, and there are several reasons for that. In all, Zack Snyder has made five comic book adaptations over the course of his career 300, Guardian, man of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justiceand Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Even though 300 Despite receiving relatively good reviews, critical reception and fan response to the rest of these titles tended to be polarized, making Snyder one of the most interesting and controversial comic book film directors of all time.


Zack Snyder was the original figurehead of the DCEU from the start and directed its debut film. man of Steel, and continues to lead all major crossover projects. However, the poor reception is noticeable Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and the justice league The fiasco led to his departure from the franchise, and Warner Bros. decided to take a different direction with what is now known as the DCU. Despite all the poor box office and low Rotten Tomatoes scores, Snyder had an incredibly loyal fan base, making him a controversial figure in the film world.

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How Zack Snyder’s comic book movies differ from others

Spartans take a defensive position in Zach Snyder's 300.

Around the time of Zack Snyder’s DCEU projects, most other comic book films felt indistinguishable from one another. They seemed to follow a strict formula, making them feel more like products than works of art. Marvel’s directorial problem is an important example of this, as a significant number of MCU releases have consistent cinematography, writing, and style regardless of who directs the project, with James Gunn and Taika Watiti being the rare counterexamples. Despite this trend, Zack Snyder has never faced the same problem since his first foray into comic book adaptations in 2006.

Out of 300 to Zack Snyder’s Justice League, all of his films had an incredibly unique style that was ingrained in every aspect of their creation. His use of high-contrast lighting, dark color palette, slow motion, and carefully crafted shots make the visual language of his films instantly recognizable, and from a single frame. His terrific dialogue and larger than life characters make Zack Snyder’s characters seem more like gods than humans. Even elements like his intoxicating themes are staples of his works. These tools have always been used by Snyder, and while they don’t always work, his distinct directorial style makes his comic book films stand out from the crowd.

Why Zack Snyder’s comic book movies are so divisive

Batman stares Superman in the eye while wearing his armored suit.

While Zack Snyder’s signature style makes his comic book adaptations unique, it’s not always used properly. For example, Snyder’s time in the DCEU was plagued by criticism of his direction. Many viewers just wanted a Superman Movie full of hope. Instead of this, man of Steel was realistic, gritty and grounded. Many viewers also wanted a funny movie where Batman fights Superman. Instead of this, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was visually dark, convoluted, filled with heady themes and lacking in fun. Zack Snyder’s Justice League worked because it felt like a side project, but for the DCEU’s main offerings, its style and tone just aren’t what general audiences want.

Snyder’s stylistic issues can also be seen in his non-DCEU comic book films, such as Guardian. While most viewers loved the style of Guardian, the adaptation resulted in significant changes to Alan Moore’s original story, leading to the film becoming incredibly divisive. Snyder’s films may not be loved by everyone, but his niche style has garnered a dedicated fan base. For the general audience and film critics, his filmography is a mixed bag. For fans of the source material, Snyder’s films tend to be considered bad. However, for fans of Snyder’s style, he’s obviously the best there is, causing his comic book films to be immensely divisive.

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Are Zack Snyder Comic Movies Bad?

Zack Snyder on the set of Army of the Dead

If Comic adaptations by Zack Snyder are bad is a hot debate, but answering the question requires a bit of nuance. If someone wants a stylistically heavy film that feels like Greek myth, then some of Zack Snyder’s comic book adaptations might be perfect for them. Although Snyder’s versions of some stories could be viewed as bad adaptations, his stories are entirely his own, meaning some of his films can be enjoyed from a specific angle. It’s impossible to say that a film is objectively good or bad, and that’s true when it comes to it Zack Snyderas it really depends on what the viewer is looking for.

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