Zion Williamson refused to name his favorite Thanksgiving meal because of social media trolls

Zion Williamson has heard all the jokes about his weight. The 22-year-old forward has always been significantly heavier than a typical basketball player since he first emerged as an elite talent as a South Carolina high school student. Williamson has used his size to his advantage throughout his career, becoming arguably the league’s most unstoppable goalscorer despite standing just 6’6. Unfortunately, trolls on social media have a long history of using Williamson’s weight to poke fun at him.

On Wednesday, Williamson delivered another brilliant performance on Thanksgiving Eve to help his New Orleans Pelicans defeat the San Antonio Spurs. Zion finished with 32 points and 11 rebounds while shooting 14 of 18 from the field. Because as good as Williamson was at the game, there was a question he was asked afterwards that went viral immediately.

Sideline reporter Jen Hale asked Williamson what his favorite Thanksgiving meal was after the game. Williamson’s response: “They’re trying to trick me. No matter what answer I give, social media will fool me. So no comment.” Watch the clip here:

Williamson always seemed to be a very good-natured young man, and he could laugh at the situation. Still, it’s pretty sad that a 22-year-old NBA superstar is too worried to answer a question about his favorite Thanksgiving meal because he knows idiots will make fun of him on social media.

Williamson’s weight reportedly increased after missing all of last season with a foot injury. As we wrote at the time, that was never a cause for concern. How should a person with a foot injury do cardio? It’s especially difficult for someone the size of Zion. Williamson has looked leaner and more explosive this year, making New Orleans one of the most exciting teams in the league. The jokes about Zion’s weight at this point are boring, cliche, and downright unfunny.

Good for Williamson, who handles this with class. The reporter didn’t seem to have ill intentions when he popped the question, but Zion knows people would overdo it anyway. Even though Williamson looks more like a defensive tackle than a power forward, he’s still one of basketball’s brightest young superstars.


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